USA Always Pays the Most

An important reality you need to know if you will trade internationally is USA always pays more for what we buy.  There are various reasons for this, sometimes due to priority, sometimes due to fraud, and sometimes due to quality.

I once mentioned to an international oil consultant this fact, noting that say if oil is $100 a barrel, that is the price USA pays, and no one else.  Everyone else is a discount off that price.  He doubted it.  In time he came to learn it is in fact the case.  I presented the same fact to a group of devotees of Austrian Economics, and they said it simply cannot be true, because that is not how world trade works.  But it does.

I've also noted in this blog how USA is spending money "defending" oil supplies (why not just buy it?) and an US Admiral notes how our policy is to pay to defend oil for which we pay more.  He finds it wacky!

The admiral would not take this where I would, and that is to withdraw our forces worldwide and let China become the worlds' cop, while we just buy what we want.

We have all the oil we need in USA, but public policy is to lock that USA oil down so we can get busy worldwide with overseas wars, laundering money through international trade, population control through wars, and the grand progressive project.  Presently we export our Alaskan oil to Asia and import Middle East oil to meet our needs.  We need to change this, and not just hopey changey.

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