Apple Overpays Taxes Again

it is not possible to tax a corporation.  Ultimately, only consumers are taxed, for it is the ultimate consumer who covers the cost of all taxes all along the supply chain.  If the taxes levied happen to destroy any business anywhere along that chain, then the creditors to that failed company become the ultimate consumers, and the creditors in essence "pay the taxes."

So when Apple pays 1.9% in taxes, it is 1.9% too much, even more, because the cost of setting up the money laundering/tax avoidance regime is a heavy cost too.  When you buy a Apple product, you've paid all of Apple's taxes.  When you buy a Hershey chocolate bar, you've paid all of Hershey's taxes.

We can stop this nonsense, and the massive job-shifting avoidance work, if we were to 1. cut the size of government and taxes close to nil, or 2. get rid of taxes completely.

The problem is not so much the taxes, as it is what taxes buy.  There is the real problem.  Eliminate all business taxes.

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