Scooter Safety Tips Girls Should Follow When Riding in the Rain

Do you use your scooter all through the year? If yes, then the discussion on this article will surely help you immensely. Here, we have discussed about scooter safety tips that every girl should follow during the rainy season. Following these tips is important for you even when riding the best girls' bikes.

• If it's raining outside and you are planning to go for a ride, dress up properly before leaving your house. Wear a pair of waterproof gloves and a high quality raincoat. Your footwear should also be designed for keeping your toes and feet dry and happy. If you forget to dress for rain, you will not only get drenched, but will also find it difficult to concentrate on the actual job i.e. riding the scooter.

• One of the biggest problems faced by riders when riding scooters in rain is: blocked vision. The problem can be solved up to a great extent by wearing a pair of glasses with an anti-fog compound applied on them. You can also use a piece of lint-free cloth (keep it in your pocket when going out in rain) for wiping your eyeglasses at regular intervals or whenever you feel the need of doing so.

• You should also take steps to make yourself visible. If other people and motorists on the road cannot see you, your chances of encountering an accident increase significantly. Your vehicle should have more lights; however, make sure that you don't end up violating the local laws by adding too many additional lights to your scooter. Another way of making yourself easily visible on a cloudy or rainy day is adding reflective strips both on the scooter and your clothing. You can also wear your neon jacket. We know that those jackets make us look extremely tacky; but, for riding safely on a rainy day, you can surely afford to compromise with your appearance.

• On rainy days, avoid visiting places that are you are not familiar with. Ideally, you should only go to places that you visit pretty frequently.

• You might like riding your scooter fast, but you should never try to do anything like that if it's raining outside. If you find that there's an increase in braking distance and your visibility has decreased considerably, you should not think twice before slowing the vehicle down. Slowing down the scooter is also important because rain often slows down our reaction time.

• Last, but not the least, if you want to ride your scooter comfortably during the rainy season, you must invest a lot of time and effort for its maintenance.

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