Anarchist's Voter Guide

Well, don't vote.  Or if you do, don't throw your vote away on Romney or Obama.  

If we want change, we must step away form the false dilemma presented in politics.

It is not either or, they truly are the same, at least to the 6% not depending on free stuff.

For the either 47%, the left or the right,  you will be again betrayed, abused, etc. no matter who wins.

It is not  ammtter of just getting the right guy in, because there is no such thing as the right guy.  No one becomes virtuous by election.  Not even King David.

We do not need a government to fight our battles for us. Whether you are right wing extremist or left wing extremist, , the extreme positions have proven fruitless.  The main middle 6% of self-reliance and coopertaion works.

The game in play is to pit each 47% against the other.  Rarely do emotions run so high. This serves the powers that be.  Instead of voting for either, best to stay home and warn the powers that be that they are losing the consent of the governed.

It is an alternative less considered.

If you withdraw your consent to be governed, the powers that be will do whatever it takes to regain your consent. They will change things, incrementally, until there is again a critical mass of those who clamor to be governed. 

Don’t be afraid, we will always be governed, because there will alwys be a critical mass of those who clamor to be governed in return for free stuff.

So don't vote, or vote for Ron Paul, or some other candidate.  Express your desire to withdraw your consent to be governed. Scare 'em good.  The more the better.

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